Have you ever found yourself searching through your jewelry box or rummaging through drawers in a frenzy, desperately trying to find a matching pair of earrings? It’s a frustrating and time-consuming experience that seems to happen all too often. That’s why we’re here to introduce you to the ultimate solution: earring organizers. These clever accessories are designed to keep your earrings neatly organized and easily accessible, so you can say goodbye to lost and mismatched pairs for good. Say hello to a hassle-free and stylish way to store and display your favorite earrings.

Types of Earring Organizers

When it comes to organizing earrings, there are several options to choose from. Each type of earring organizer has its own unique features and benefits. Let’s take a closer look at the different types available in the market.

Wall-mounted organizers

Wall-mounted earring organizers are a popular choice for those who want to keep their earrings visible and easily accessible. These organizers typically come in the form of corkboards, frames, or decorative wall hangers. They are a great option if you have limited space or if you want to showcase your earring collection as part of your décor.

Jewelry boxes with earring compartments

If you prefer a more traditional and compact option, jewelry boxes with earring compartments are a great choice. These boxes usually have multiple compartments specifically designed to hold earrings. They often come with drawers and additional compartments to store other jewelry pieces as well.

Hanging organizers with hooks

Hanging organizers with hooks are perfect for those who have a large collection of dangling earrings. These organizers usually feature multiple hooks where you can hang your earrings. They can be hung on a wall, door, or inside a closet, providing a convenient and space-saving solution for organizing your earrings.

Travel-friendly earring cases

For on-the-go individuals who still want to keep their earrings organized, travel-friendly earring cases are the way to go. These cases are compact and designed to protect your earrings while you travel. They often come with compartments and pouches to securely hold your earrings in place.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Earring Organizer

When choosing an earring organizer, it’s important to consider several factors to ensure that it meets your specific needs. Here are some factors to consider:

Storage capacity

One of the first things to consider is the storage capacity of the organizer. Think about the number of earrings you have and choose an organizer that can accommodate your collection. Consider not only the number of pairs but also the size and style of your earrings.


Another important factor to consider is the accessibility of your earrings. Choose an organizer that allows you to easily see and access your earrings. This will save you time and frustration when choosing which pair to wear.

Material and durability

The material and durability of the earring organizer are crucial factors to consider, especially if you want a long-lasting solution. Look for organizers made from sturdy materials that can withstand regular use. Consider the durability of any compartments, hooks, or trays that may be part of the organizer.

Size and space

Consider the size and space available in your room or closet where you plan to place the organizer. Measure the available space and choose an organizer that fits comfortably within that area. It’s important to ensure that the organizer does not take up too much space or make the room look cluttered.

Aesthetic appeal

Last but not least, consider the aesthetic appeal of the earring organizer. Choose one that matches your personal style and the overall décor of your room. A visually appealing organizer can enhance the look of your space while keeping your earrings organized.

Now that we have explored the different types of earring organizers and factors to consider, let’s dive deeper into each category and explore some popular options.

Wall-mounted Organizers

Wall-mounted earring organizers are not only functional but also serve as a decorative element in your room. Here are three popular options to consider:

1. Earring holder corkboard

An earring holder corkboard is a versatile option that allows you to easily display and organize your earrings. Simply insert the earrings into the corkboard, and you’ll have a clear view of your collection. These corkboards often come with different patterns or designs, adding a touch of style to your room.

2. Frame earring organizer

If you want a more elegant and stylish option, a frame earring organizer is a perfect choice. These organizers typically feature a frame with wire mesh or fabric where you can hang your earrings. They come in various sizes and designs, allowing you to choose one that complements your room décor.

3. Decorative wall hanger organizer

For those who want to make a statement with their earring organizer, a decorative wall hanger organizer is a great option. These organizers often have unique and intricate designs, making them a functional piece of art on your wall. They typically feature multiple hooks and compartments to hold your earrings.

Jewelry Boxes with Earring Compartments

If you prefer a more traditional and compact option, jewelry boxes with earring compartments offer a practical and organized solution. Here are three popular options:

1. Wooden jewelry box with drawer and earring tray

A wooden jewelry box with a drawer and earring tray is a classic choice for organizing earrings. These boxes often have multiple compartments in various sizes, allowing you to store different types of earrings separately. The drawer provides additional storage space for other jewelry pieces, such as bracelets or necklaces.

2. Mirrored jewelry box with earring grid

A mirrored jewelry box with an earring grid is a stylish and functional option. These boxes have a mirrored lid, providing a convenient way to check your earrings while you choose which ones to wear. The earring grid inside the box allows you to neatly arrange and display your earrings.

3. Stackable acrylic jewelry box with detachable earring tray

For those who prefer a modern and customizable option, a stackable acrylic jewelry box with a detachable earring tray is a great choice. These boxes are transparent, allowing you to easily see your earrings without opening the box. The detachable earring tray provides flexibility and convenience when choosing your earrings.

Hanging Organizers with Hooks

Hanging organizers with hooks are perfect for those who have a large collection of dangling earrings. Here are three popular options:

1. Hanging jewelry organizer with earring bar

A hanging jewelry organizer with an earring bar is a simple yet effective way to organize your earrings. These organizers often feature multiple pockets or compartments for other jewelry pieces and a dedicated earring bar to hang your earrings. They can be easily hung on a wall or inside a closet.

2. Over-the-door hanging earring organizer

If you have limited wall space or want a discreet organizer, an over-the-door hanging earring organizer is a great solution. These organizers hang over the back of a door, utilizing often-unused space. They typically have clear pockets or compartments to hold your earrings.

3. Rotating earring display rack

For those with a large and diverse earring collection, a rotating earring display rack is a fun and practical option. These racks often come in the form of a carousel or tower, allowing you to rotate and easily access your earrings. They can hold a significant number of earrings while taking up minimal space.

Travel-friendly Earring Cases

When you’re on the go, it’s important to have a convenient and secure way to carry your earrings. Here are three travel-friendly earring cases to consider:

1. Compact earring book

A compact earring book is a great option for frequent travelers who want to keep their earrings organized and protected. These books often have individual compartments or slots for each pair of earrings, preventing them from scratching or tangling. They are compact and can easily fit into your bag or suitcase.

2. Zippered earring pouch

A zippered earring pouch is a simple and practical option for travel. These pouches often have multiple compartments or pockets to hold your earrings. They typically have a soft lining to prevent scratches and a secure zipper closure to keep your earrings safe.

3. Portable earring travel case

If you have a large earring collection and need a more spacious option for travel, a portable earring travel case is a perfect choice. These cases often have multiple compartments, trays, or drawers to hold your earrings securely. They are designed to be durable and compact, making them easy to carry while protecting your earrings.

DIY Earring Organizers

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or enjoy DIY projects, creating your own earring organizer can be a fun and rewarding experience. Here are three DIY earring organizers to consider:

1. Ice cube tray earring holder

Repurposing an ice cube tray as an earring holder is a creative and inexpensive option. Simply place your earrings in each compartment of the tray, and you’ll have an organized and easily accessible display. This DIY project allows you to customize the size and shape of the compartments based on your earring collection.

2. Lace earring organizer

If you want a more decorative and feminine earring organizer, consider making a lace earring organizer. Attach a piece of lace fabric to a wooden frame or embroidery hoop, and you’ll have a beautiful and functional display. Simply insert your earrings into the holes or weave them through the lace to keep them organized.

3. Pegboard earring display

A pegboard earring display is a versatile and customizable option for storing and displaying your earrings. Mount a pegboard on your wall and attach hooks or pegs where you can hang your earrings. This DIY project allows you to easily rearrange and expand your earring collection as needed.

Tips to Keep Earrings Organized

Now that you have chosen the perfect earring organizer for your needs, here are some tips to help you keep your earrings organized:

1. Sort and categorize your earrings

Before placing your earrings in the organizer, take the time to sort and categorize them. Group them by style, color, or occasion to make it easier to find the perfect pair.

2. Use small storage containers for studs and tiny earrings

For small earrings such as studs or tiny hoops, consider using small storage containers or pillboxes. This will prevent them from getting lost or tangled with other earrings.

3. Store earrings in pairs

To ensure that you can find matching pairs easily, store your earrings in pairs. This will save you time when getting ready and minimize the risk of losing a single earring.

4. Use clear dividers or compartments

If your earring organizer does not have built-in dividers or compartments, consider using clear containers or dividers to separate your earrings. This will keep them organized and prevent them from tangling.

5. Attach earring backs securely

To prevent your earrings from falling off or getting lost, make sure to attach the earring backs securely. This is especially important for dangling or hoop earrings that can easily slip off.

6. Regularly declutter and clean your earring collection

As with any collection, it’s important to regularly declutter and clean your earrings. Remove any earrings that you no longer wear or are damaged. Clean your earrings using appropriate methods to maintain their shine and longevity.


Organizing your earrings doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the wide variety of earring organizers available, you can find the perfect solution that suits your style and needs. Whether you prefer a wall-mounted organizer, a jewelry box, a hanging organizer, or a travel-friendly case, there is an option for everyone. By considering factors such as storage capacity, accessibility, material, size, and aesthetic appeal, you can choose the ideal earring organizer for your collection. And with the helpful tips we provided, you’ll be able to keep your earrings organized, protected, and easily accessible for years to come. Happy organizing!

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