Looking to add a touch of whimsy and elegance to your little one’s bedroom? Look no further than children’s jewelry boxes! These charming and functional accessories have been thoughtfully designed to cater to the unique needs and tastes of young ones. From vibrant colors and playful themes to secure compartments and smaller dimensions, these jewelry boxes are perfect for keeping your child’s cherished trinkets safe and organized. In this article, we explore the world of children’s jewelry boxes and uncover the delightful options available for the budding fashionistas in your life. So, let’s dive in and discover the magical world of children’s jewelry storage!

What is a jewelry box?


A jewelry box is a container specifically designed for storing and organizing jewelry. It is typically small in size and comes in various shapes and designs. Jewelry boxes are commonly used by individuals to keep their precious accessories safe and secure. They come equipped with different compartments, hooks, and drawers to accommodate various types of jewelry, such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.


The primary purpose of a jewelry box is to provide a designated space where jewelry can be stored, organized, and protected. By keeping jewelry in a box, it minimizes the risk of items getting lost or damaged. Additionally, a jewelry box offers a convenient way to access and display your accessories, allowing you to easily coordinate and accessorize your outfits. Whether it’s a valuable heirloom or a trendy fashion accessory, a jewelry box helps to preserve the longevity and beauty of your jewelry collection.

Why do children need a jewelry box?

Importance of organization

Children, like adults, can benefit from owning a jewelry box to help them keep their accessories organized. By having a designated place to store their jewelry, they learn valuable organizational skills from an early age. It teaches them the importance of taking care of their belongings and fosters a sense of responsibility and accountability.

Teaching responsibility

Owning a jewelry box can also be a great tool for parents to teach their children about responsibility. By taking care of their jewelry and placing it back in the box after use, children learn how to be responsible for their belongings. This valuable lesson can extend beyond jewelry and translate into other aspects of their lives, such as taking care of their room or completing chores.

Keeping valuables safe

Children often receive jewelry as gifts for special occasions or inherit precious family heirlooms. Having a jewelry box provides a safe and secure place to store these valuable items. It reduces the risk of them getting lost or damaged, and it teaches children to appreciate and protect their cherished belongings.

Types of jewelry boxes for children

Music boxes

Music boxes are a popular choice for children’s jewelry boxes. These boxes feature a musical mechanism that plays a tune when the box is opened. It adds an element of delight and entertainment for children while they use their jewelry box. Music boxes often have a classic, timeless appeal and can become cherished keepsakes as children grow older.

Charm boxes

Charm boxes are designed specifically for holding charm jewelry, such as charm bracelets or charm necklaces. These boxes typically feature multiple compartments or hooks to hang the individual charms. They provide an organized and easy-to-access storage solution for children who enjoy collecting and wearing charm jewelry.

Keepsake boxes

Keepsake boxes are designed to store not only jewelry but also other sentimental items such as letters, photographs, or small trinkets. These boxes provide a special place for children to keep their precious memories and treasures. Keepsake boxes often come in various shapes and sizes, allowing children to choose a box that reflects their personality or interests.

Engraved boxes

Engraved jewelry boxes add a personalized touch to your child’s jewelry storage. These boxes can be engraved with their name, initials, or a special message. It not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the box but also creates a sense of ownership and uniqueness. Engraved jewelry boxes make for thoughtful and meaningful gifts that children can treasure for a lifetime.

Materials used in children’s jewelry boxes

Wooden boxes

Wooden jewelry boxes are a classic choice for children. They are durable, long-lasting, and can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. Wooden boxes often have a timeless aesthetic and can be beautifully crafted with intricate designs. They are available in various types of wood, such as oak, mahogany, or cherry, each with its own unique characteristics.

Plastic boxes

Plastic jewelry boxes are a popular option for children due to their lightweight and affordable nature. These boxes are often translucent, making it easy for children to see the contents inside. Plastic boxes are also easy to clean and maintain, making them a practical choice for younger children or those who may be more prone to accidental spills or messes.

Fabric boxes

Fabric jewelry boxes provide a soft and tactile storage option for children’s jewelry. These boxes often feature a fabric exterior, such as velvet or satin, which adds a touch of luxury and elegance. Fabric boxes are lightweight and portable, making them ideal for travel or taking jewelry on the go. They are available in a wide range of colors and patterns, allowing children to choose a design that matches their style or bedroom decor.

Designs and themes for children’s jewelry boxes

Princess and fairy themes

Princess and fairy-themed jewelry boxes are a popular choice among young girls. These boxes often feature whimsical designs, delicate colors, and images of princesses, fairies, or magical creatures. They create a sense of enchantment and make the act of storing jewelry feel like a magical experience.

Animal shapes

Animal-shaped jewelry boxes are a fun and playful option for children. These boxes come in various animal shapes, such as cats, dogs, elephants, or unicorns. They add a touch of whimsy and can double as decorative pieces in a child’s room. Animal-shaped jewelry boxes are often made from materials such as ceramic or fabric, enhancing their appeal and durability.

Sports and hobbies

Jewelry boxes designed around sports or hobbies are a great option for children who have specific interests. These boxes can feature designs and motifs related to a particular sport, such as soccer, ballet, or horseback riding. They allow children to showcase their passion and individuality while providing a practical storage solution for their jewelry.

Cartoon characters

Jewelry boxes featuring beloved cartoon characters are a hit among children. Whether it’s their favorite superhero, princess, or animated character, having a jewelry box adorned with their beloved character adds a touch of fun and familiarity. These boxes often come in bright colors and feature images or figurines of popular characters, making them engaging and visually appealing for children.

Personalized boxes

Personalized jewelry boxes offer a unique and one-of-a-kind storage solution for children. These boxes can be customized with a child’s name, initials, or a special message. Personalization adds a personal touch, making the jewelry box truly their own. It also makes for a thoughtful and memorable gift, especially for special occasions like birthdays or holidays.

Features of children’s jewelry boxes


Many children’s jewelry boxes come equipped with a built-in mirror. The mirror allows children to see themselves while trying on their jewelry and helps with coordination and styling. It adds a practical element to the jewelry box and encourages self-expression and creativity.


Compartments are an essential feature of children’s jewelry boxes. They provide separate spaces for different types of jewelry and help to keep accessories organized and untangled. Compartments can be designed to hold rings, earrings, bracelets, and other small items, ensuring that each piece has its own designated place.


Drawers are another common feature found in children’s jewelry boxes. They offer additional storage space and can be used to organize larger or bulkier jewelry items. Drawers are especially useful for storing pieces such as necklaces or watches that may not fit comfortably in smaller compartments or hooks.

Necklace hooks

Necklace hooks are designed specifically to hang necklaces and prevent them from becoming tangled or knotted. These hooks allow for easy storage and quick access to necklaces, eliminating the frustration of untangling jewelry. Necklace hooks are particularly useful for children who enjoy wearing necklaces and want to keep them in good condition.

Choosing the right jewelry box for your child

Age appropriateness

When choosing a jewelry box for your child, it is important to consider their age and developmental stage. Younger children may benefit from simpler designs and features, while older children may appreciate more sophisticated or personalized options. Ensuring that the jewelry box is age-appropriate will enhance their enjoyment and use of the box.

Storage capacity

Consider the amount and types of jewelry your child has or is likely to acquire when selecting a jewelry box. If your child has a growing collection or enjoys collecting multiple types of jewelry, opt for a box with ample storage capacity. Look for boxes with a variety of compartments, drawers, and hooks to accommodate different types of jewelry.


Children can be unintentionally rough with their belongings, so it is important to choose a jewelry box that is durable and able to withstand everyday use. Consider the materials used in the construction of the box and opt for sturdy options such as wooden or plastic boxes. Avoid fragile materials or delicate designs that may easily break or become damaged.

Personal preferences

Ultimately, the jewelry box should reflect your child’s personal preferences and style. Involve them in the decision-making process and consider their favorite colors, themes, or characters. Choosing a jewelry box that aligns with their tastes and interests will ensure that they are excited to use and take care of their jewelry.

Where to buy children’s jewelry boxes

Department stores

Department stores often carry a wide selection of children’s jewelry boxes in their children’s accessory or toy sections. These stores offer the convenience of being able to physically see and touch the product before making a purchase. They may also have knowledgeable staff who can assist with any questions or concerns.

Online retailers

Online retailers offer a vast array of choices when it comes to children’s jewelry boxes. Websites dedicated to children’s products or specialty retailers focusing on jewelry boxes often have a wide range of designs, styles, and price points. Online shopping provides the convenience of browsing and comparing options from the comfort of your own home.

Specialty stores

Specialty stores that focus solely on jewelry and accessories may carry a selection of children’s jewelry boxes. These stores often have curated collections and unique designs that may not be readily available elsewhere. Shopping at specialty stores can provide a more personalized and specialized experience when selecting a jewelry box for your child.

Safety considerations for children’s jewelry boxes

Non-toxic materials

It is crucial to choose a jewelry box made from non-toxic materials, especially when it comes to younger children who may put things in their mouths. Check that the materials used in the construction of the box are free from harmful substances such as lead or phthalates. Look for certifications or labels indicating that the box meets safety standards.

Childproof locks

If you have younger children who may be tempted to explore the contents of their jewelry box unsupervised, consider choosing a box with a childproof lock. This adds an extra layer of security and prevents little hands from accidentally spilling or misplacing valuable jewelry.

No small parts

Avoid jewelry boxes that contain small parts that could pose a choking hazard for younger children. Be mindful of any decorative elements, such as buttons or beads, that could become detached and swallowed. Opt for boxes with secure and sturdy designs that prioritize child safety.


Owning a jewelry box specifically designed for children offers numerous benefits. It teaches them organization, responsibility, and the importance of valuing and protecting their belongings. With a wide range of designs, materials, and features available, choosing a jewelry box that suits your child’s personality and needs can be a fun and exciting process. Whether it’s a magical princess-themed box or a personalized engraved box, investing in a children’s jewelry box creates a safe and special space for their treasured accessories. It also fosters their creativity and self-expression while nurturing a sense of ownership and pride in their belongings.

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