Christmas is here, and with the magical season, you will see bright sparkly hues of red, green, gold and silver all around you.

Whether you are spending Christmas with your family or will be partaking in all the merriment and festivities with friends, you will be dressed to the nines.

And what better way to add an extra bit of pizzazz to your outfits than

When picking out your Christmas jewelry, you need to ensure that the pieces enhance the look of your outfit rather than take away from it.

With the right accessories, you can completely transform a rather plain outfit into something eye-catching and impressive. Here are a few trends that are currently ruling the holiday season that you can incorporate into your wardrobe.

Christmas Colours

Ruby Gold Bracelets

There are some colours that are synonymous with Christmas – the red from Santa’s outfit, green from the Christmas trees, white from the snow and gold and silver from all the decorations around. So it goes without saying that the most significant trend of the season is about donning Christmas colors.

Shine your brightest this Christmas with rubies, emeralds and of course diamonds. If stone jewelry isn’t your cup of tea, you can always opt for plain gold or silver jewellery.

You can try out our elegant 18k yellow gold and ruby bracelet which is the perfect embodiment of the Christmas theme.

Statement Gold Chainlinks

Stylish Gold chains


Gold can never go out of fashion, and with every season, this precious metal manifests itself in new forms.

While jewellery trends in 2018 were all about minimalist designs and looks, the Christmas season demands statement styles in the form of chain links.

Chainlink necklaces were a staple during the 70s and 80s when extravagance was at its peak.

These heavy necklaces are the easiest way to immediately add oomph to any outfit. Pair it with a white suit for a sleek and sophisticated look, or channel some Parisian chic by wearing gold chain links with a fitted black top and high waisted jeans. Daring fashionistas can even try pairing multiple smaller chain links together to create a unique statement piece.

Chandelier Earrings

Lightweight Gold and Ruby Drops

Chandelier earrings will always be considered a party staple in every woman’s jewelry box.

Depending on their size, chandelier earrings can add as much drama to your outfit as you’d like. Go all out this Christmas and look for chandelier earrings with coloured stones to match the festive colours.

Our lightweight gold and ruby drops, for instance, feature a gorgeous teardrop shaped rubies set against fine gold for an understated yet festive feel.

Three-Finger Rings

Three Finger Rings pearls

Also known as the triple ring, this statement accessory is as versatile as it is bold.

They are worn on three fingers at once and offer a different look when compared to the popular cocktail ring or stacking rings.

Three-finger rings are the new style statement on the jewellery scene because their looks range from subtle to extravagant.

From stone-studded ones that curve around your finger and sparkle bright, to simple ones with clean, minimalist lines that ooze sophistication.

Torc Necklaces

Latest Torc Necklaces


Torc necklaces are the latest trending accessory and have made quite an impression this Christmas.

Alternatively spelt torque or torq, a torc necklace is a large metal ring that is stiff and rigid. As opposed to a regular chain with a clasp, torc necklaces go around your neck and hug.

Think of it like a ring worn around your neck but with a large opening at the front.

Torc necklaces are made with multiple strands of metal twisted together; this helps them stay stiff and hold their shape.

Torc necklaces though a new trend are one of the most unique Christmas jewelry pieces. You will be sure to have heads turning while donning one of these.

Oversized Cuffs

Trendy Oversized Cuffs


Nothing about Christmas is soft and simple, so why should your jewellery be? Oversized cuffs are a bold dominating style, bringing immediate attention to your wrists.

Opt for a tribal pattern or something simple like a plain gold or silver cuff.

Because of their size, even the simplest designs will stand out.

Just remember to downplay your outfit when using statement cuffs as they might get lost paired with a busy pattern or print.

Bring a bit of tradition into your outfit by matching an Indian themed cuff with your western outfit.

You can read our blog on trendy ways to style Indian jewellery with western outfits for more inspiration.

You can try even try stacking our Yin Yang sterling silver cuff with multiple other cuffs for a personalized look.

We hope our list of Christmas jewelry trends has given you enough motivation to try new things this Christmas. End the year on a delightful note with some stunning Christmas jewelry that you can

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