carleen 14k white gold plated 925 sterling silver cz cubic zirconiacreated
carleen 14k white gold plated 925 sterling silver cz cubic zirconiacreated

Weddings are a joyous and exciting experience. It unites two people and two families in an unbreakable bond.

But weddings are also whirlwinds in terms of all the planning that goes into it.

And as a bridesmaid, you’ve been bestowed with the added responsibility of helping and supporting the bride at all times.

One of your bridal duties is ensuring you look the part. After all, you will be the first to walk down the aisle and set the expectation of what’s to come!

However, you don’t want to overshine the bride either.

While there usually is a discussion beforehand about your accessories, some brides prefer to leave the decision up to their friends.

If you’re in a similar situation and are at a loss, we’ve put together a simple list of options you can peruse to help you nail accessorizing for the wedding as a bridesmaid.

Never Overshadow the Bride

One of the biggest crimes you can commit to someone’s wedding is looking more flamboyant than the bride. It’s her day and her time to shine.

If the bride is wearing a chunky pearl necklace, mimic her style with a strand of pearls. If you aren’t sure about what to choose, here’s everything you need to know about pearls.

Kundan Necklace Set

Vintage Kundan Necklace Set

If she’s going the traditional route with some eye-catching Kundan jewellery, complement her style with a pair of earring perhaps.

However, if your bride is modest or straightforward in her jewelry choice, follow her lead so you won’t accidentally overshadow or clash with her.

Use Similar Colours

Image Source

Image Source

Bridal parties always dress in similar shades of the bride’s choosing. Use the color of your outfit to figure out what jewelry to wear as a bridesmaid.

Certain metals look best with some colors. Rose gold jewellery looks stunning with a blush dress.

If your bridal party’s color is blue, opt for silver jewelry. Gold jewelry makes the perfect choice for an emerald green outfit.

Work with your Neckline

A simple and foolproof idea to follow when wondering what jewellery to wear as a bridesmaid is opting for a necklace.

Here are a few guidelines you can follow to perfectly pair a necklace with your outfit’s neckline:

Image Source

Strapless or Sweetheart Neckline: These necklines offer you endless options. What looks best, of course, is a statement necklace.

If you’d prefer some simple bridesmaid jewellery, opt for a classy choker necklace.

They’re one of the current jewelry trends of 2020. You could even double up along single-stranded chain for a layering effect.

Image Source

One-Shoulder Neckline: One shoulder outfits are a fun and flirty departure from the standard neckline.

However, a necklace would be too much with this neckline. We recommend opting for a pair of statement earrings.

You could also opt for studs with a prominent bracelet or cuff.

Pearl Pendants online

Image Source

V Neckline: Pendant necklaces pair the best with V necks. A simple pendant necklace adds a lovely touch to your outfit without being distracting.

You could also opt for a choker necklace or a double-up necklace.

Image Source

Halter Neckline: These necklines don’t allow for a necklace.

We suggest pairing your halter neck outfit with a pair of humkis, drop earrings and a bracelet.

You can also go through our handy guide on 5 necklace designs for the wedding season.

Follow a Theme:

Image Source

When thinking of jewellery for bridesmaids, opting to follow a theme will make your jewelry selection easier.

If the wedding’s theme is a little bohemian, opt for some pieces from our Vibrant Vibes Collection. They’re sure to add a pop of colour and flair to your outfit.

Opal & Pearl Pendant

Pink Opal & Pearl Pendant

Our Tints and Tinges Collection is perfect for a subtle hint of colour to match your outfit and look coordinated.

You could also pick a gemstone and use the tone as inspiration for whichever piece of jewelry you decide to wear.

A gemstone set will give your outfit a color blocking effect. Our blog on 4 easy to wear festive looks this wedding season will offer a little more clarity.

Garnet Sterling Silver Earrings

Garnet & 925 Sterling Silver Earrings

 Ruby Stud 18K Gold Earrings

Ruby Stud 18K Gold Earrings

Alternatively, you can also try a theme like geometrics or nature-inspired patterns.

Your bridal party can sport a different piece of jewellery.

Play around with metal colors and finishes.

This way each bridesmaid can create a personalized look for herself while still maintain a cohesive, uniform look and theme.

Be Discreet:

18K Gold Stacking Rings

18K Gold Stacking Rings

Ruby 22K Gold Nosepin

Radiant Ruby 22K Gold Nosepin

If you’re looking for unique bridesmaid jewelry, why not try some stacking rings or nose pins?

These items are discreet and create a minimalist look that’s classy and subtle. Opt for a larger nose pin to match the bride’s prominent jewelry.

The stacking rings will perfectly match a simpler wedding ceremony.

As a bridesmaid, you too are responsible for the planning of the wedding in your own way.

Whether it’s your best friend, sister or colleague, remember to have fun on her special day to make it more meaningful. Enjoy this part of your wedding planning, and with our suggestions, you’ll be sure to feel inspired.

Head over to for all your bridal jewelry shopping. You can also check out our blog on 5 things you must know before jewellery shopping for your big day.

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