Elegant Jewellery store – Shop wide range of best quality women Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, jewelry sets, fine women jewelry. Hand Picked Jewellery Shop
Elegant Jewellery store – Shop wide range of best quality women Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, jewelry sets, fine women jewelry. Hand Picked Jewellery Shop

Jewelry has been a part of human culture and history for centuries.

While every era has shaped how jewelry is made, looks, and constitutes jewelry, time has also given rise to several stories and myths around jewelry.

Some of them stem from common folklore, while others are more contemporary.

Some of them have even subconsciously influenced the jewelry industry and patrons. 

Jewelry has so much significance in people’s lives that designer jewelry stands to be their identity.

There has been an evolution in fashion jewelry, just like any other industry or market.

The tradition of handcrafted jewelry has been carried on for centuries. As the years’ pass, there are many changes in the latest jewelry trends. Some remain constant and have been passed on from older generations.

Many myths get carried on through the trending jewelry, and people have accepted them widely.

It is high time we bust all the myths and reveal the trust people have blindly followed and accept to be the truth. Here are seven such jewelry myths which have been debunked: –

Artificial jewelry can’t be of different colors.

People happen to believe that artificial jewelry doesn’t come in various colors.

They are so finely dwelled into believing that artificial jewelry is substandard. They would believe jewelry in colors other than yellow or silver is impossible.

Let’s educate everyone that synthetic materials can be modified to take up any color or shade.

Artificial jewelry might also have alloys of cheaper materials. The alloys can be many, including silver, iron, and platinum.

Synthetic materials are mixed with these metals and crafted into fine jewelry, but the truth remains that people are still skeptical about artificial jewelry.

The emergence of 12 gemstones is from 12 tribes of Israel

People believe in this myth, for it is related and stated along with an actual event that exists.

The story is about when King Solomon built the first Jewish temple.

The high priest of that temple used to wear 12 gemstones as a breastplate, which people believed represented the 12 tribes.

There began the quest of each stone relating to each of the months, and people blindly believed it to be true without any particular reason for the relation.

Vinegar can dissolve pearls.

If stated, a part of the myth is the truth. And the fact can be related to the nature of the gem.

The partial truth is that gems are very delicate and are porous.

A gemstone can dissolve in vinegar, but it is essential to know that the process is not as quick as stated. It would take several days for the pearls to dissolve entirely in vinegar.

The myths’ emergence dates to when Cleopatra threw a lavish dinner party and threw all the pearls she wore into her drink.

The truth is that pearls can dissolve quickly only if they are crushed.

Blue is the trademark color of sapphires.

Sapphires are known for the color it contains. Blue is the significance of the gemstone, and when people say blue gems stones, they instantly relate to sapphires.

Little do they know that this precious gemstone is available in several colors.

The colors vary depending upon the presence of the particles. Impurities lead to a change of color. Standard blue sapphire has titanium and iron. If vanadium has a company, the color will be purple. In the presence of iron, it turns yellow.

Artificial Jewellery can not have Rare Gemstones.

People only think of artificial jewelry to be ‘fake’ jewelry. However, this doesn’t stand to be true.

Yes, gemstones are rare, but it does not mean they can not be a part of artificial jewelry. There is a whole booming market of fake online jewelry, and gemstones such as ruby, sapphire, emerald, etc., are often given synthetic bodies to produce cheaper jewelry for the customers.

The truth is that there are so many gemstones that are very rare, like painite, bixbyite, jeremejevite, serendibite, musgravite, benitoite, taaffeite, and garnierite, that their rarity doesn’t simply equate to increased prices. This is because of the lack of individual demand.

Hence, you can still get real gems in artificial jewelry shells and save a few bucks.

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Artificial Jeweller is unbreakable.

This myth is the most believed of all the myths relating to gemstones and jewelry. Yes, it is a fact that natural gemstones do stand on a ten scale rating in terms of hardness.

But, little do people know that a ten scale only means that the gemstone can be scattered. But that doesn’t claim the fact that it is unbreakable at all.

We strongly agree that authentic jewelry lasts a little longer than artificial ones, the reason being its composition.

But, the fact remains that they can crack if they come under contact with extreme heat and pressure.

Now you have a reason why you might want to save some bucks and instead invest in artificial jewelry.

The size of the stone determines its price.

People tend to naturally assume the gemstone’s size determines the price of the same.

The bigger the size, the more constituents and quantity, and so will be the price is what we tend to assume.

But, the truth is that the price of any gemstone depends upon 4 C’s, i.e., cut, color, carat, and clarity.

It is very much possible for a big stone to be light in color and be cheap and vice versa. So, it will be the best of your interest to choose a gem based on all the C’s and not just the size of the gem, unless that is the only one you aspire to have.

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